Exhibition: And the Light is forever, and the Light it is free

Harry Gould Harvey IV And the Light is forever, and the Light it is free April 17 - August 31 2020

Online viewing room

Bureau is pleased to debut an online viewing room featuring ten new works by Harry Gould Harvey IV. The selection includes new drawings as well as found vintage photographs from his region, all in handmade frames of black walnut foraged by the artist. The photos show the Quonset hut – which was once Rhode Island's largest military export – reconfigured into temples, altars, shelters and domestic dwellings. The color photographs show Fall River’s Notre Dame, the city’s largest church, in flames. In 1982 it suffered a fire from which it never recovered; all that remained were two candlesticks and three angels.

With a book and a steeple and a bell and a key Well they'll bind you forever, but they can't, said he For the book, it will perish and the steeple will fall And the Light will be shining at the end of it all. If we give you a pistol, will you fight for the Lord? But you can't kill the devil with a gun or a sword. Will you swear on the Bible? "I will not!" said he, "For the Truth is more holy than the book to me." There's an ocean of darkness and I drown in the night Til I come through the darkness to the ocean of Light and the Light is forever, and the Light it is free And I walk in the glory of the Light, said he. – Lyrics to a Quaker folk song

Harry Gould Harvey IV (b. 1991 Fall River, MA) lives and works in Tiverton, RI. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Coniunctio, with Kyung-Me, Bureau, New York, 2019 - 2020; EARTH CRISIS, with Samantha Durand, Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, 2018; Amen, Thanks Computer God!, with Jesse Sullivan, Freddy, Harris, NY, 2018; Prudence, Patience, Hope & Despair, Motel, Brooklyn, 2018; Harry Gould Harvey IV with Species, Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, 2018. Harvey is preparing a two-person exhibition with Faith Wilding at the David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.