News 2012

Bureau at NADA Miami, reviewed by Jane Simon for Art Agenda

Kim Rosenfield on Erica Baum in BOMB Magazine, December 2012

Ellie Ga performs The Fortunetellers at Grand Arts, Kansas City November 15 2012

Viktor Kopp review on GalleristNY November 14 2012

Erica Baum Reviewed in the New Yorker's Goings on About Town October 7 2012

Sarah Dornner's Primavesi House reviewed in the New York Times July 13 2012

Ellie Ga in 'Storytelling as Craft: Chapter One' at Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts September 8 - November 11 2012

Erica Baum to be included in A iminência das poéticas (The Imminence of Poetics) the 30th São Paulo Biennial Sept 7 - Dec 9 2012

Erica Baum and Tom Holmes in, 'B-Out', curated by Scott Hug Andrew Edlin Gallery July 5 - August 18 2012

Erica Baum, Justin Matherly, Lionel Maunz featured in 'Can't Stop Rock Lobster', by Merkx & Gwynne

Justin Matherly in 'UR' at Room East; 'Everything's Alright Forever' at Paradise Row Gallery, London; and 'The Creature from the Blue Lagoon' at Martos Bridgehampton Summer 2012

Ellie Ga co-curates 'Swans, Amputees' with Marcelline Delbecq Foundation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, Paris June 18 2012

Erica Baum at Show Room 170 June 10 - July 22 2012

Justin Matherly New York Times on Public Art Fund's 'Common Ground' June 8 2012

Erica Baum in 'Journal d'une femme', curated by Jean Max Colard, at Galerie Crevecoeur June 7 - July 26 2012

Julia Rommel Critic's pick by John Arthur Peetz in May 24 2012

Erica Baum Melody Indicator New Project for Triple Canopy

Justin Matherly new commission for the Public Art Fund's show 'Common Ground' City Hall Park May 24 - November 30 2012

Lionel Maunz Reviewed in Time Out New York April 11 2012

Ellie Ga performs The Catalogue of the Lost (and other revelations) Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum and Goethe Institute May 1 2012

Lionel Maunz Reviewed in the Brooklyn Rail April 2012

Erica Baum and Sarah MacKillop at Bischoff/Weiss, London March 28 - May 19 2012

Matt Hoyt Reiviewed by Will Heinrich in Art in America March 2012

Erica Baum / Francis Baudevin / bbabaubaumbaudevin 2-artist book, designed by Nicolas Eigenheer is awarded as being one of 2011's most beautiful Swiss Books! celebrate with us and listen to Francis Baudevin's Yellow Playlist at AVA / 34 Est 1st Street February 24 2012, 7 - 9 p.m.

Matt Hoyt Reviewed in the New Yorker's Goings on About Town February 13 2012

Ellie Ga featured in Rachel Wetzler's article about artistic fieldwork on February 2 2012

Matt Hoyt Reviewed in Time Out New York by Michael Wilson February 2 - 8 2012

Matt Hoyt Reviewed in the NY Times by Ken Johnson January 20 2012

Matt Hoyt Reviewed in Critic's Picks on by Sam Pulitzer January 20 2012

Erica Baum + Ellie Ga (im)possibilities, VAC, Austin January 27 - March 10 2012

Erica Baum Spelling the Image at Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York January 26 - March 3 2012

Justin Matherly New York: Directions, Points of Interest at Massimo De Carlo Gallery, Milan January 25 - March 24 2012

Matt Hoyt Preview by Nicholas Weist in Interview Magazine online January 7 2012

Matt Hoyt Critic's pick in New York Magazine January 2 2012

Matt Hoyt to be included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial